Treating Osteoarthritis Patients at the University of Iowa using Energy Therapy

In a July 2013 article in the journal Geriatric Nursing entitled 'The effect of healing touch on the pain and mobility of persons with osteoarthritis: A feasibility study', researchers from the University of Iowa found that the study group receiving energy therapy (specifically healing touch, a popular form of energy therapy) treatments for osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee "demonstrated significant improvements in 9 of the 12 outcome variables (75%) while no significant improvements occurred in the FV group." (FV stands for friendly visits and represents the control group in this study.)

The outcome variables included "pain level, joint function, mobility, and depression".

In addition, the group receiving energy therapy treatments "exhibited sustained effects (3 weeks post treatments) in three outcome variables."

The study concluded with the following statement:

"The reduction in joint pain and improvement in joint function suggest that biofield therapies could be effective non-pharmacological adjuncts to treatment of OA."

The text of the article is available here.