Treating Cancer with Energy Healing & Qigong

My teacher Rosalyn Bruyere and qigong author Daniel Reed describe treating cancer with energy healing and qigong in the following article. Several scientific medical journal articles describing treatment of cancer and recovery from chemotherapy and radiation treatment using energy healing and qigong are included at the end of the article.

My teacher Rosalyn Bruyere in her book 'Wheels of Light' energetically describes cancer and it's treatment with energy healing as follows:

"A cancerous cell is a low-frequency, low-amplitude embryonic cell. This means that the cell, instead of vibrating at the same rate as the body, vibrates at a much slower energy or frequency -- the same frequency, in fact, as that of embryonic cells (Becker & Selden, pp. 221-225). When a cell slows its vibration, the body thinks it is making a baby and consequently allows that cell to multiply and divide rapidly, which is what causes the tumorous growth. Then it sends in blood supply to feed those cells; most tumors, if they are not being treated, grow at the same rate as a baby grows. Thus an appropriate treatment, and one that has been done in research settings (Becker & Selden, pp. 221-225), is to raise the frequency of the malignant cell. In the research environment, an electrode is attached to the cancerous area and then an electrical current vibrating at the base frequency of the body (about 8.5 cycles per second) is introduced. Although this does not really reduce the tumor, it does change the cells: the cells stop being embryonic and start being the same kind of cells as the ones adjacent to them (Becker & Selden, pp. 221-225). This is similar to what happens in a healing process. Take for example a breast mass. To a healer a breast tumor feels as if it is melting under his hands. It is not actually melting; it has begun to dedifferentiate. Transformation at a cellular level is the healer's goal."

Bruyere warns against stopping energy healing treatments too early in the cancer healing process:

"While retarding the growth of the malignancy, radiation and chemotherapy also lower the basic vibration of the body. That lowered vibration may cause more malignant growth later on (Merck Manual, pp. 1729-1734). Often a new tumor will appear as a result of radiation eighteen months from the date of the last radiation treatment (Helen Caldicott, Nuclear Madness, 1981 and Becker & Selden pp. 218-219). With radiation or chemotherapy, the new group of cells that is growing does not get enough energy, so again cancerous cells are produced. So, we have to raise the energy level of the whole unit. We have to keep the energy high enough long enough to produce a whole new set of healthy cells. Therefore, cancer patients must be treated immediately following their 'spontaneous remission'.

"What usually happens, however, is that the cancer patient is overjoyed at the 'remission', comes back to the healer, and says 'I'm well, and I'm not coming back for any more treatment.' At this point, the healer on the case should say, 'Wait a minute, I don't think I'm willing to participate in your decision not to continue treatment.' This is not the time for the healer to jump to conclusions and pat himself on the back. The cancer patient has just been clutched from death's grasp, and he must learn to live again. If he is insistent on stopping treatment, the healer needs to explain the possible effects of radiation. It is essential to clean out radiation and chemicals in order for the cancer patient to continue to live in true health. Furthermore, continued treatment is necessary to support the cancer patient in his new approach to life."

In his fascinating book 'A Complete Guide to Chi-Gung' author Daniel Reed describes the efficacy of energy healing and qigong (also spelled 'chi-gung') for cancer as follows (note that the term 'emitted chi' refers to an energy healing therapy that is administered by a practitioner):

"It is in the field of cancer that emitted chi is having the most dramatic results as a cure. First of all, the incidence and mortality rate for cancer have been steadily rising over the past thirty years [note that the version of the book I have is from 1998], while the treatments developed for it by modern medical science have not proven successful as cures. In America, over $40 billion has been funneled into cancer research since the mid-1960s, and half that figure in the UK, and the treatments have grown almost prohibitively expensive, but still more and more develop cancer and continue to die from it.

"In addition to the regular chi-gung exercises used for prevention, there are also special sets which have been developed especially to cure particular diseases. In China, there is a form of curative chi-gung called 'Guo Lin Chi-Gung', which was developed as a specific cure for cancer by a woman of that name about thirty years ago. Not only did she cure herself of a serious case of uterine cancer with her practice, she also taught the same set to other cancer patients, most of whom experienced similarly effective results. Eventually the Guo Lin Research Society was established to study and teach this form of chi-gung practice to cancer patients all over China, and it is estimated that over one million cancer patients in China and elsewhere in Asia are now practicing this cure in preference to conventional cancer therapy. A significant number of these practicing patients report that their tumors have either stopped growing, gone into remission, or disappeared entirely, and the long-term survival rate for cancer patients who cure themselves this way is proving to be far higher than that achieved by conventional modern treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Sceptical Western doctors who doubt this claim need only contact the Guo Lin Research Society in China and arrange to go and see for themselves, or request copies of copious scientifically documented records now being kept in China regarding cancer cures with chi-gung. The real question here is not whether chi-gung works as a cure for cancer and other supposedly 'incurable' diseases, but rather whether the Western medical establishment is willing to consider a form of treatment that in effect would eliminate the need for expensive doctors, drugs, and hospitals."

"One of the most celebrated cancer cases in China was that of Feng Jian, a national badminton champion and popular hero. At the age of only 21 he was diagnosed with lung cancer, which is almost always fatal. His doctors suggested immediate surgery, to be followed by chemotherapy and radiation -- the conventional 'cut, poison, and burn' approach. However, Feng Jian declined to accept their advice. Instead, he found a teacher and started practicing Guo Lin Chi-Gung, in conjunction with careful attention to diet, regular exercise, plenty of rest and other related yang-sheng health regimes. He practiced chi-gung every day for ten months, sometimes up to twelve hours a day, and when he went back to the hospital to have his condition checked, his doctors were astounded to discover that the cancer had completely disappeared. Two decades later he is still alive and well.

"While doing a story on Chi-Lel Chi-Gung in China, health writer Luke Chan was invited to sit in front of an ultrasound monitor and watch a patient's bladder cancer literally dissolve before his eyes. Prior to the treatment, the tumor could be plainly seen attached to the wall of the bladder. While Chan kept his eyes riveted on the image on the screen, the patient was treated with emitted chi by four therapists. Within minutes, the tumor began to dissolve, and by the end of the treatment, it could barely be detected. Ten days later, after several more treatments and daily self-practice, the patient was checked again, and the cancer had completely disappeared.

"Scores of such cases, all of them documented, were presented at the Medical Conference for Academic Exchange on Medical Chi-gung, held in China in 1988, and again in 1993, with health professionals from all over the world in attendance. Case studies of successful treatments for virtually every known type of cancer were included in the papers presented. Patients were not only cured of their cancers, but they also recovered their overall health and vitality, a far cry from the debilitated condition in which most patients are left by conventional cancer therapy, which virtually destroys human immune response, decimates the liver, causes impotence and digestive problems, and weakens the whole system. Chi-gung therapy, in addition to dissolving cancerous tumors, also rebuilds the whole immune system, rebalances the blood, oxygenates the entire body, normalizes all vital functions, and enhances vitality, permitting patients to recover total health and enjoy the remaining years of their lives."

Here are a few scientific medical journal articles describing treatment of cancer and recovery from chemotherapy and radiation treatment using energy healing and qigong.