Qigong for Parkinson's Disease

In a 2014 article in the International Journal of Neuroscience called 'Qigong exercise may improve sleep quality and gait performance in Parkinson's disease' authors from the University of Kansas Medical Center found that a six-week qigong program "resulted in significant improvements to gait velocity" and "improvement in some aspects of sleep quality" in a study of 58-75 year old patients with Parkinson's disease.

The authors made the following comments about improvement in gait function via the qigong intervention:

"Gait function was improved by a significant reduction of stride time and a slight increase in stride length. Together these changes resulted in significant improvements to gait velocity. Additionally, time spent in double limb support was reduced following the intervention. Overall gait variability improved significantly, particularly in the reduction of stride time variability."

What's remarkable about the study is that the results were achieved in only six weeks. Can you imagine the improvements over a larger period of time?

The text of the article is available here.