President George Bush Sr. Received Energy Healing Treatments in the White House

In his book Qigong Fever: Body, Science, and Utopia in China author David A. Palmer states that Chinese Qigong "Master Yan Xin went to the U.S. White House eight times to give energy treatments to President Bush, Sr., which gives some explanation to Bush’s paratroop jump in his 80s!"

When I first read this I thought "Can this be true?" Then I wondered if there was any other evidence that might support this claim.

Lo and behold, in the Congressional Record, Proceedings and Debates of the 107th Congress June 18, 2002 I found the following:

Here's the text for those that need to copy and paste:




Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Mr. HONDA. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the contributions and achievements of Professor Yan Xin on the twelfth anniversary of the professor’s introduction of the ‘‘Yan Xin Life Science Technology’’ to the American public. Working as a physician, a professor and a scientist, Professor Yan Xin has had an integral role in major breakthroughs in experimental research, which have led to new methods of preventing disease and promoting the health of humankind.

Professor Yan Xin has long been recognized as a leader in the fight against cancer, AIDS, and diseases associated with the aging process. He has been certified as a chief physician by the Ministry of Health in China and has conducted collaborative research with several world-renowned research institutes and universities. Professor Yan Xin has been a blessing to both his colleagues and those who have benefited from his healing, so much so that Presidents George H.W. Bush, William J. Clinton and George W. Bush have all met with him personally and praised his work.

The key to Professor Yan Xin’s success is his ability to combine modern scientific procedures with traditional healing and fitness methods. Yan Xin Life Science Technology utilizes elements of traditional Chinese culture such as acupuncture and medicines derived from natural products, then incorporates Western health treatments and the research of Professor Yan Xin and his peers in the modern scientific community. This blend of intuitive and empirical thinking serves as an example for all of those who are working [to] improve the lives of others.

Mr. Speaker, I commend Professor Yan Xin both personally and on behalf of all those whose lives have been improved as a result of his work. Professor Yan Xin’s career is far from over, and we can all look forward to continuing successes in his many areas of expertise."


And here are some photos of Professor (or Dr.) Yan Xin with President Bush and President Clinton:

Dr. Yan Xin with President Bill Clinton in 2000.

Dr. Yan Xin with President George Bush in 1990.

And here's a quote on Dr. Yan Xins' website that says "President George Bush praised him [Yan Xin] as 'a sage of our times.'"

Here are a few of Dr. Yan Xin's medical journal articles that contain his cancer research:

In his book A Complete Guide to Chi-Gung author Daniel Reid states that "In China, emitted chi [energy from an energy healing practitioner's hands] has been used for several decades now to treat people with degenerative conditions of the brain, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Several of modern China's top leaders, including Deng Xiao-ping, were treated in this manner with great success."

Furthermore Reid mentions that "Western observers often comment on the remarkable longevity of Chinese leaders, particularly the late Deng Xiao-ping, who despite a lifelong habit of chain-smoking cigarettes, lax attention to diet, and many past hardships in life, managed to live to the age of 92. Others have survived even longer. The reason for their longevity is well known in China: each leader is treated daily with emitted chi by master chi-gung therapists during their entire tenure of power, and this therapy continues throughout their retirement."

Reid continues, "the central factor in their amazing vitality and tenacious longevity is daily infusions of healing chi from recognized masters of this method. Indeed, one of the quickest ways to guarantee oneself a lifetime of security and comfort in China today is to demonstrate a gift for fa-chi, 'emitting chi', for such practitioners are in great demand among the wealthy and powerful elite in China."

So, my best guess based upon the evidence available is that US leaders heard about the efficacy of Chinese energy healing treatments and enlisted one of the top Chinese energy healing practitioners to treat President Bush Sr.

And from the Congressional Record snippet above and the photo of President Clinton above, it's my guess that Dr. Yan Xin treated President Clinton and President George W. Bush also.

Could Dr. Yan Xin or one of his students be treating President Obama as well?