Effect of Energy Healing in the Human Brain

In a September 2012 article in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine entitled 'Effect of Biofield Therapy in the Human Brain' researchers from the Japanese Health Science Foundation (all MD's and Phd's) found that energy healing (specifically a Japanese energy healing modality called Okada Purifying Therapy (OPT)) significantly increased alpha brain waves in a study of 29 adults. Mood state was also improved in this study.

The authors made the following comments about how biofield energy is processed by the body:

"The area where the power was increased by OPT was the central and frontal hemisphere. The authors propose that the central and frontal cortical brain regions may be related to the processing of OPT. In addition, it is suggested that humans receive biofield energies with the whole body, and then this information is transmitted to the frontal cortex through the somatosensory cortex. It is believed that this is the reason for the increased power of the alpha waves in the frontal and central cortex recorded during OPT."

I thought the results of this study were especially impressive because study participants were only given brief 15-minute treatment sessions. I would be curious to see the results of a similar study with 30-minute or even 60-minute treatment sessions.

According to this source, "Alpha brain wave production is an innate skill of our brains, but one consequence of the modern stressful lifestyle is that we forget how to produce Theta and Alpha brain waves . Then we easily fall victim to anxiety and stress-related diseases. Anxiety and stress measurably reduce the strength of our immune systems. People who have more Alpha brain waves have less anxiety. Thus having more Alpha waves could mean less anxiety and, correspondingly, stronger immune systems, and this is good for everyone.

Creativity is another activity for which Alpha brain waves are helpful. Scientists have shown that highly creative people have different brain waves from normal and non-creative people. In order to have a creative inspiration, your brain needs to be able to generate a big burst of Alpha brain waves, mostly on the left side of the brain. The brains of creative people can generate these big Alpha brain wave bursts, and do so when they are faced with problems to solve. Normal and non-creative people do not produce Alpha brainwave increases when they are faced with problems, and so they can not come up with creative ideas and solutions. Any time you have an insight or an inspiration, you know your brain just produced more Alpha waves than usual. Increased creativity is helpful for everyone. One way to increase creativity is to increase Alpha brain waves.

Peak performance is another activity for which Alpha brain waves are helpful. Recently sports scientists have shown that increases of Alpha brain waves (often in the left side of the brain) precede peak performance. One key difference between novice and elite athletes is in their brain waves. Just before their best free throws, an elite basketball player will produce a burst of Alpha waves on the left side of their brain. Just before their best strokes, elite golfers will produce a burst of Alpha waves in their left brain. Just before their best shots, elite marksmen and archers will produce a burst of Alpha waves in their left brains. Novice and intermediate athletes do not show this Alpha brain wave pattern. However, one study of archers training over many weeks, showed that as they improved their performance, they gradually increased the amount of left brain Alpha waves which occurred just before their best shots. The Alpha brain waves seemed to be essential for peak performance and were increased, albeit slowly, by the archery training.

What Do Alpha Brain Waves Mean to Me?

If you want to feel less stress and anxiety, you should increase the amount of your Alpha brain waves. This may also improve the strength of your immune systems, since stress weakens the immune systems. If you want to be more creative, you should learn how to increase the amount of your Alpha brain waves. If you want to have more peak performance in athletic activity, and in other areas of your life, you should learn how to increase the amount of your Alpha brain waves. Some people are born healthy and mellow and gifted with creativity and athletic prowess exemplified in peak performance. But what if you are not so lucky?"

The text of this article is available here.