Treating Lyme Disease with Chinese Herbalism

I recently read the book "Lyme Disease and Modern Chinese Medicine; An Alternative Treatment Strategy Developed by Zhang's Clinic" by Dr. Qingcai Zhang and Yale Zhang.

Here's a quote from Andrew Weil, M.D. from the back cover of the book:

"This is a comprehensive book on the cause and treatment of Lyme disease using modern Chinese medicine, which I have found to be a better option than Western medicine for this difficult infection. Lyme disease is becoming more frequent in many parts of the world, is frequently misdiagnosed, and often resists treatment with antibiotics alone. Here is a new and hopeful way of looking at the disease and its management."

Zhang's Clinic has treated thousands of cases of Lyme disease "mostly in the chronic stages. Most patients have been able to taper off antibiotics and control their symptoms. After approximately six months or longer, the majority of them have completed herbal treatment and have remained symptom-free." Zhang's treatment for Lyme disease "is designed to eradicate the pathogens; it is curative, not merely symptom suppressing."

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the treatment:

"What is your philosophy of an appropriate treatment strategy? A proper treatment strategy should address the entire pathophysiological problem of a disease. In LD, merely combating the infectious pathogens with antibiotics is not sufficient because inadequate immune reactions must also be regulated. Indeed, most LD symptoms are the result of inadequate immune reactions, such as autoimmunity, which causes CNS and muscular-skeletal symptoms. Pathogen eradication is best accomplished by strengthening the body's immune response. Antibiotics do not do this."

"Can your clinic treat acute LD? Yes, we have treated many patients who had just been bitten by ticks and didn't want to use antibiotics. For these patients, the treatments were mainly anti-Babesia and anti-spirochete herbs, which have a wide spectrum of anti-microbial effects and so can also address co-infections other than babesiosis. The treatment course was about two months. If they caught the infection early and started treatment right away, their LD did not become chronic."

"What is your success rate in treating chronic LD? We do not have a statistical analysis to answer this question exactly. From our clinical observations, however, we have seen at least 60% of our patients turn asymptomatic (without symptoms) following herbal treatment and more than 80% improved. Less than 20% of our patients have not responded to our herbal treatments. Because laboratory tests are not conclusive, we can not definitely declare a patient is cured; therefore, these figures are only approximations."

"How expensive is your treatment? Compared with conventional Western medicine treatment, the herbs are very affordable -- about one-twentieth of the cost of conventional medical treatment. But because the herbs are not covered by insurance, and because many chronic LD patients are unable to work, the $2000 or so for a complete treatment course may be difficult for some patients."

Zhang's Clinic can also treat patients remotely over the phone. For more information please contact Zhang's Clinic directly.