The Student Qigong Video

Student Qigong is a 5 minute Qigong set that is great for calming and grounding students. Student Qigong also gives students immediate focus, which can be especially useful in the afternoon after students have had lunch and are ready for a nap.

Student Qigong is appropriate for students of all ages, but is especially practical for K-12 where time and attention spans are limited. Student Qigong is non-strenuous, requires little space, and is easy to do -- students just follow along with the video.

The Student Qigong video can be purchased here.

A few years ago I did a Qi Therapy & Qigong presentation for educators at a local college. They absolutely loved the Qigong set I showed them but they said that it was too long to be practical for K-12 students.

They suggested that I find a way to put together a 5 minute Qigong set that could be done in the morning after students first come to class and after lunch or recess. Student Qigong is the Qigong set that they requested.