The October 2019 Rosalyn Bruyere Workshop in Arcadia, CA - 'Candles & Consciousness'

October 19 - 20, 2019

"Using candles to focus prayer is an ancient and revered practice that few people understand deeply. But for those of us who use candles, we have an understanding of a profound connection between the flame and the creative light of our universe. We are asking for spiritual intervention in a circumstance beyond mortal control and surrendering a situation to the Divine. Moreover, we are connecting our personal energy to a prayer to empower our wishes and desires for the highest good.

"Utilizing simple tools and arcane knowledge we can enhance our spiritual development, and even make changes in some of our more troubling habits. In this weekend experience we will have an opportunity to explore from the simplest ceremonies through the more complex. We will explore the connections between simple candle lighting and ever more complicated esoteric practices."

For more information please visit Rosalyn Bruyere's website or feel free to contact me.