The July 2018 Rosalyn Bruyere Workshop in Arcadia, CA - 'Sacred Geometry and Finding the Pattern to Healing'

July 22-27, 2018

"Obstacles in life become less troublesome as one becomes a more neutral observer of Karma and Karmic patterns in oneself and others. Such is the study of life and is what education should truly be about. The Ancients knew this and set about studying the patterns in peoples lives and in nature itself in order to perceive more about the mind and purpose of God.

"The creator and the creation have purpose and, inevitably, what is created reflects the mind of its creator. Thus looking at the structure, geometry, and mathematics of the natural world was seen to be a glimpse into God‘s thinking and into the architecture and engineering of the universe. People still study the world around them, but often without clear purpose and higher motivation. However, the nature of things is around one constantly for all to see and discern.

"In an air age, which Aquarius is, it is vital that there is a balance to the dry, self-important outlook of that element and the intellect which it represents. A balanced air age can bring back advancement and enable the rediscovery of wisdom long lost to mankind. Our hope is that such balance finds root now, early in the age, grows and flourishes for the benefit of all."

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