The January 2020 Rosalyn Bruyere Workshop in Arcadia, CA - ‘Healing from Your Soul’

January 26 - 31, 2020

"Everyone who studies healing in all its forms, gets asked to send healing to someone at a distance. But do we give our best when we send healing? This seminar is designed to give you all the skills and techniques you could want to feel effective and competent.

"Our souls long to reach out to give comfort, relieve pain and serve humanity. When we concentrate on helping others in an organized way, we can learn to remain at peace in relationship to what we're asked to do. So when we are sending prayer that is hitting our target and we make note of it we have a completed circle that lets us know that we are doing something. In this workshop you will find the way that you uniquely send healing and develop a way to track and keep a record of what you're doing for yourself. Our goal it Is to make ourselves better and better absent healers.

"In this seminar we will design our own forms to keep track of distant healing, and learn how to learn from the records that we keep and share with other people who are doing similar techniques to help alleviate suffering. This is a required course for crucible students as their pastoral credit for graduation."

For more information please visit Rosalyn Bruyere's website or feel free to contact me.