Sound Massage with Margaret Hunt-Wilson

I just had a 'sound massage' session with Margaret Hunt-Wilson at Circle of Life Healing Arts in Waupaca, WI and it was amazing!

Margaret places various sound bowls on your body and rings them and the effect is quite profound.

It felt ancient, like a memory of a distant ritual from a lifetime long ago. It was as if the bowls were singing a song in a language with no words and I understood them all. It felt deep as the sound energy penetrated to the bone marrow and circulated to all parts of my body.

At first I paid attention to what was going on and then I was either asleep or out of my body entirely. I couldn't believe an hour had passed so quickly when the session was over. And now I feel absolutely relaxed and wonderful.

Thank you Margaret!

Here's how you can get in touch with Margaret:

Margaret Hunt-Wilson, Sound Massage Therapist