Rosalyn Bruyere Talks About The Sacred Feminine

This is a transcription of a four-part series of YouTube videos in which my teacher, Rosalyn Bruyere, talks about the Sacred Feminine.

(Note: The videos were uploaded by the YouTube user 'RosalynLBruyere' and are entitled 'Das heilige Weibliche' or 'The Sacred Feminine'.)

Part 1 is available here and was published on 4/9/2013 with the following subtitles in German:

"The Sacred Feminine"- the hidden soul half -

- Ancient Knowledge in the symbolism of our churches

- Church Men are only human like you and me

- Visions / apparitions and how we should deal with it

"Here in Germany I've found it all hidden in plain sight.

You know, my husband and I when we are not working, are in a car driving around the beautiful countryside. And one day we're driving down this highway from Munich to Bavaria-south. And I see what looks like a tower so I said let's go over there and see what that is. And as we park the car to look at the tower there are standing stones in the parking lot.

You know like at Stonehenge? Two great big stones with a big stone lintel.

There was no sign on the highway for the standing stones.

So I came, I told Alfie "Alfie we found standing stones!" She said "We don't have standing stones."

So everywhere we go we find the Goddess represented.

Have you ever been in a Baroque cathedral? Have you looked at the symbolism?

So you have the pulpit and then you have the four symbols of the gospels underneath the pulpit. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

So you have the Angel, the Eagle, the Bull, and the Lion.

Those are the four fixed signs of the zodiac. And the four legs of the great pyramid. And in front of the pyramid is a sphinx.

The head is a human. The body is a cow. It has the paws of the lion and in antiquity it had the wings of an eagle.

That was way before Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. This was the perennial wisdom that we lost but 'hid it' in plain sight.

And anywhere you go here you see beautiful symbolism that you're so used to seeing you don't notice it. You're used to cathedrals.

There's not a building that old in America. The buildings are new. And if you want to see the mysticism you have to go to Disneyland.

The reason I'm telling you this is I want you to become aware of all the symbolism around you and wonder how it came from one generation to the next to the next, down to you.

And why was it kept? So that in this time when more people are awake the symbols aren't gone they're just misplaced.

Question: If this knowledge is there and actually it is there in the Baroque churches, but somehow it is kept by the churches and so they don't do a good job, I feel it has to do with a power gain.

It might.

Large organizations end up with an energy of their own. And they want control. And they're so unruly these days don't you think they need some control?

It's so bad the pope's stepped down. They're having a struggle!

I come from a city where one of the cardinals who is involved in scandal comes from. And I was talking to a close friend the other day about it and that I was upset that he was going to go and vote for the new pope. And she said to me "Remember Rosalyn, he was the first cardinal to help all the Mexicans who didn't have a good life here."

So in the church you have good people and bad people. In education you have good people and bad people. And in every person you have a good person and a bad person. And if we give all of our attention to the bad person the good person doesn't develop.

If Jesus came to you in a vision and told you what to do, would you do it?

Some of you are saying yes. I can tell you from experience the answer is no.

Some of you would call a friend. Some of you would call a psychiatrist. Some of you would wait to be told a second time. And a third time and a fourth time. Because it doesn't make sense the way we understand the world.

Now religious people think that they're going to have an experience and then they'll behave as though they had the experience. But it's not true.

What the Goddess says is: have the experience, wait and see what happens."

Part 2 is available here and was published on 4/9/2013 with the following subtitles in German:

"The Sacred Feminine" - the hidden soul half -

- Men and women in dealing with spirituality

- Feminine understanding of the nature

- Masculine and Feminine Side of the Brain

"Originally the feminine part of you understood seasons and days and time. In the modern world people think they understand time because they wear a watch.

Would you say our weather has changed?

I've been travelling all over the world for 40 years no matter where I go they tell me the weather is unusual for this time of year. The Goddess knows if the weather is right or not. Of course the weather is changing.

Have you noticed Mother Earth is in menopause? And she's having hot flashes and chills. And global warming is not caused from your automobile. It's caused from all of you exhaling. So we can stop it if we all hold our breath.

So what I see happening in the world is people being panicky about global warming. And they're pretending this has never happened before. At least here you remember that there was a mini ice age 500 years ago. Wasn't that a big weather change?

Now I am not saying that pollution is Ok. It's definitely not. I know this because I'm a healer. The more my patients don't put pollution in their body the easier they are to heal.

But did any of you put anything in your body today that might be a little polluting? A little sugar? Little too much bread? The thing I like best about working in your country is that chocolate is a food group.

So, here's the problem we have: traditionally women have been in charge of diet for the family. And what does mother want you to eat? More. More of everything please. Do we need to eat more? The more you eat the harder it is to get it back out of the body.

So what we're talking about when we talk about health and the feminine aspect is taking some responsibility for the things we can change and trying to change them.

Question: Are there symbols for balance and what can we do to achieve it in a better way.

Know as much about your feminine half as your masculine half. The masculine half is your human doing. It's what you do. The feminine part is the human being.

We spend most of our waking time doing not being. Do more things where you're not aware of time.

As adults we all know that all the minutes are the same amount of time. But children know if they're having a bad time it's long, if they're having a good time it's short.

How many of you waste time? Do you enjoy it? The important thing if you are going to waste time is to enjoy wasting it. Waste it by being instead of doing. Don't waste it by worrying.

That's not good for your brain by the way.

Did you know that? That worrying is actually bad for your brain? ...Causes it to age?

I've been very lucky because I worked for a little more than 10 years in a children's brain research hospital and these brain researchers were very kind to teach me a great deal about brain anatomy because I was there to work on brain-injured children.

And what we used to think about the left brain and the right brain isn't actually the whole picture at all. Most of the pioneering research right now is in the frontal brain. And this is the part of the brain that the ancients thought was your spiritual brain. It's also your impulse control center. And so that's where you would stop yourself worrying.

And it helps if you have a big overview. What's going to bring about balance for us is having a much larger view of reality.


Women don't have to fight as much as men. The native people even say that women bleed all their life and men bleed in battle.

So we see the problems inside the love relationships and men see the big problems in the outer world. This is how we've been organized for about the last 3000 years.

So women go inside themselves very easily, we do it several times a month. So monks among the Tibetan are taught these very strict meditations. But the women who are the oracles are taught to be very quiet, ask a question, and receive the pictures of what will come to be.

Now the Aquarian Age is supposed to be masculine and feminine. So if men want to they'll go inside and get the pictures. If women want to they'll say the long prayers. If women want to they'll become policemen or electrical engineers.

You know, right now at UCLA the engineering class is 45% women. When I was an electrical engineer there was me. 60% of the new students to medical school are women. They believe they're better students. Do you think they're better students? I just wanted to know if you carried the prejudice that women are superior.

Men, you know you're superior, right? And unfortunately you live in an era where the women think they're superior. It's not fair.

But if you go back just 2000 years to Egypt the women owned all the property. The men were visitors. Their job was to go out and bring things home for the house but the woman owned the house. Is it any different today?

You ever tried to cook in your mother's kitchen? It's her kitchen, she's very possessive of it. She's willing for you to be a slave in the kitchen, but you can't have the kitchen.

I bring this up because one of the topics that will become very important in the next 50 years is materialism. Our daughter is finishing her Master's degree in sustainability. You'll have a Master's degree soon in sustainability. You'll call it something else, but it means being conscious of how much we waste.

And she'll go to work either for a large company to keep them from wasting so much. Or she'll go to work for government writing laws so that you can't waste anything. It's a field now that will grow and grow over the next 50 years.

But traditionally it's the feminine part of the soul that looks ahead to see if we have enough for winter. In the native tradition we say we do it for the children and the children's children."

Part 3 is available here and was published on 4/9/2013 with the following subtitles in German:

"The Sacred Feminine" - the hidden soul half -

- Exercise for developing the sacred feminine

- Change thinking patterns

"Question: Since the feminine is coming up more and more in Europe and America, it's great, and as you said it is the beingness and taking time. When you have a family of five people to raise then you need to spend a lot of time to make the money and you are in doingness. Now what can we do to actually be in the beingness? I know many beautiful people who want to do that but at the same time they are caught up with the doingness. How can we achieve the beingness?

Do you have five minutes? ...Every day? That's all it takes.

I wish it was hard because then more people would do it. It's actually too easy for anybody to do it.

Now I'm a water sign so I tend to do this in the bathtub. And also I raised boys and that was the only place I was alone. Because bathrooms have a lock on the door.

So you sit in a quiet place and for five minutes let everything go away from you. And then see if anything comes back for five more minutes. And then go on about your day.

Because what happens through the day is the answer to 'Hello is there anything out there?' through the day comes to you when you're active. There's a flower, there's a message, there's a billboard, there's something.

And remind yourself that you want peace.

When you see people acting badly in the world, laugh. Don't waste your energy judging them and correcting them, just laugh.

It took me five years to do it but I have learned not to swear at other drivers when I'm driving. I still complain about them. But I don't swear at them anymore.

That's a big change for some of us. And I've been driving a car since I was fifteen. And our Autobahn is five lanes and five lanes. And Californians drive like this... And we have a law that the fast people go in this lane, but nobody enforces the law.


Question: Since we had a long period of patriarchal society, oftentimes we feel something different than we're taught to know but we don't really trust our feelings.

Shame on you.

The first thing I learned in seminary was that my teachers knew how to read the bible but not how to interpret it. And they thought I should memorize it.

When nobody knows what the original texts actually said.

Now, I agree with you it's hard to break out of the mindset of what you were taught because you loved your teachers and you took them in whole. And there's a flaw in God's perfect design of humans that whatever you learned first becomes the most important and everything you learned after has to fight with what you learned first.

But it's very important to trust your feelings.

Everyone of us can remember a time where we made a huge mistake because we didn't trust our feelings. I call it my first marriage.

I mean didn't any of you ever make a big mistake like that? Maybe not, maybe you all chose wisely every time.

So it's hard but it's important to do it.

What the Goddess energies teach us is to wait until you know what actions to take. What culture teaches us is 'do it now'.

Often if you do it now it gives you an opportunity to do it over and over again until you get it right.

You know, because I've worked with so many people who are in distress, they all tell me the same story, they knew they shouldn't do something but they did it anyway. And because I work in Hollywood I have a lot of clients that won't take any advice at all. They just want more energy from me so they can live out of balance and get away with it.

There's a joke among healers about the man who goes to the doctor for a checkup and the doctor sits him down and says "You have to stop burning the candle at both ends." And the client of course says "Doc, I'm not here for a lecture, I'm here for more wax."

Well, if you paid attention to your feelings you'd save more wax.


I know that some of you have fantasies about seeing auras or having spiritual visions. And I know that some of you don't want to see auras and never want to have a vision.

But it is part of life.

Your spiritual part is a fourth of you. And most of you exercise it while you're asleep.

So I encourage you, talk about your dreams. Try to remember them if you can.

If you're on a train, look at other peoples' energy. Stop looking at what they look like and look at their energy.

So as you move in this other way through the world, things get very good.

I'd like to close tonight with a very old Native American prayer. Because the native people have taught me a great deal about my religion.

And you might try this: the native people pray with their whole body.

And they pray like this:

Grandmother, Grandfather, power of the Four Directions, all of my ancestors, I send a voice.

I ask on this beautiful day that the Sky Father and the Earth Mother meet and marry in my heart, that they may be separate no more, forever.

And I ask on your behalf that they meet and marry in your heart.

And I ask that this be so til the sun no longer sets and the moon no longer rises. Aho.

I want to thank you."

Part 4 is available here and was published on 4/9/2013 with the following subtitles in German:

"The Sacred Feminine "- the hidden soul half -

- The Temple of Denderra

- The Hymns of Isis

"The highest principle for the Egyptians was balance.

Now, one of the big mysteries about Jesus is that Jesus studied in Egypt. And we actually do know now what he studied.

Probably Mary and Joseph didn't call him Jesus. They probably called him something close to that because Mary was very familiar with the Egyptian mysteries. That's why they fled to Egypt where it would be safe.

And I was there one year at the back of the Temple of Isis in Dendera. And I had jet lag. And I wandered away from my group.

So I was looking at the pictures and they were beautiful. The guide ran after me, he said "Where are you going?" I said "I was looking at those hieroglyphics." He said "Oh, those are the Hymns of Isis."

So I'm looking and he says "One of them is very interesting. It says that Isis cast demons into a pig."

Does this story sound familiar yet? As a matter of fact, Isis walked on water, resurrected the dead, her husband Osiris -- good call.

It's a little different than the story of Lazarus. But the ancient healing schools were profound enough to understand that if you were unconscious, it didn't mean you were dead.

How many healers are here? C'mon be proud, I'm proud of you, so you be proud. Every one of us has been present when someone came out of a coma.

If you're called into a coma case, and you stay with them and they're not dead, they'll come back to the healer to get to their family.

Now, some of the most fun I've had in recent history is working in children's hospitals. And one of the things you find in pediatric medicine in America is there are many, many more women than men.

I don't know if that has anything to do with how welcoming they have been of our work. But there's a special energy in a children's hospital. And if I go in to work with children who are in distress, they turn around very quickly.

Now, I think that energy is God. Not God or Goddess. And it's easier for anyone who speaks English to study these things because the words don't have gender.

Do you understand how freeing that is?

And as an electrical engineer I really do know what God is, it's a great power grid somewhere. And it's not a girl or a boy. And the way you reach the power grid is your soul reaches out for it.

So I went on studying from that time when I encountered Jesus and Isis being the same. And I encountered another diving force years later called White Buffalo Calf Woman.

I've always worked with Native American tribes. And I understand their religion. And the proper balance for someone who's strong through life is the feminine spirit of peace that only White Buffalo Calf Woman brings.

In their tradition, the Great Spirit helps you to be strong enough to go to war and the Earth Mother causes you not to want to take a life. And White Buffalo Calf Woman helps you make peace with all things.

Now I bring her up because this is another feminine quality of the soul, the person who is the intermediary between people who are at war.

How many of you are the peace makers in your group?

Ok, is this easy work? No. How many of you have children? Do children fight?

So, White Buffalo Calf Woman comes out, she holds the peace pipe in her arms like a baby and she says "I can smoke the peace pipe for you or I can hit you over the head with it. Which would you like?"