Mit Gott in Wien (With God in Vienna) [aka My First Energy Healing Experience]


I recently had the sublime pleasure of spending the better part of a week in Vienna, Austria. I stayed with a friend and his family in their beautiful home just outside of Vienna.

I also experienced the strange sensation of what I shall call 'double jet-lag'.

Double jet-lag is when you travel somewhere by plane at least two time zones away, and then less than five days (the time it takes to get over jet-lag) after arriving at your new location, you travel somewhere else by plane that is at least two time zones away from your second location or from your point of origin. In my case, before traveling to Vienna, I went for a short visit to California. So, I got jet-lag in California, and then four days later I got double jet-lag in Vienna.

So, who cares about double jet-lag, get over it man, you are in Vienna (after being in California)!

The first two days I was in Vienna I toured the city by foot. My shoes were unfit for walking all day. The weather was cold, cloudy, and at times windy and rainy. And alas, poor me, I had double jet-lag!

Vienna is one of the most beautiful and serene cities on the planet. Don't take my word for it, go there and see for yourself, or just Google it right now. In the wondrous locale that is Vienna, I marched like someone against their will, trudging onward, on a mission, as if whips were at my back, with no destination in site.

This is NOT the way you take in Vienna!

Alas! Late in the afternoon of my second day in Vienna, the sun pierced the gray lid of the sky and at fair Schoenbrunn Palace, atop the highest hill in Gloriette herself, I was saved by GOD! A delicious cappuccino and a glorious pastry marked the change of events and the lifting of the dark veil, the dissipation of the evil, insidious double jet-lag.

Gottes rettende Gnade (God's saving grace).

That night while I busied myself in my quarters at my friend's 19th century chalet in the woods outside of Vienna, hoping to be invited to late dessert, I was invited instead to experience energy healing therapy at the knowing hands of my friend's wife and her co-practitioner friend.

During the previous days (and a half) I learned that my friend's wife was an energy healer. I, of course, was curious and asked her and her friend (who was also staying at the house for the week after an intensive energy seminar the week before) a million questions about what they do.

So perhaps they waited until the time was right and they invited me to a special room in the house where my friend's wife treats clients. The room was set up with a massage table and ideal mood lighting and utter privacy.

I laid down on the table and they asked me if there was any part of my body that was causing me pain or discomfort. I told them that my feet hurt from all of my marching and trudging. They told me to relax and mind my breath. They said if I became uncomfortable that they could stop at any time. And so they began.

They both touched my feet and I immediately felt a strange sensation as if some slight electrical impulse or a tingling was moving up my legs. I asked them if I was supposed to feel it right away and they said yes.

They worked their way up my legs and the odd impulses increased. They made their way to my hips and then my waist and then they stopped and one said "liver" and the other one agreed "yes, the liver". So, the source of my current pain was the liver.

(I later learned that the liver is the seat of the emotions. I wanted to ask the question "Is there something wrong with my liver and what caused it and what can I do to remedy it?" But I came to understand that the answer was that physical, emotional, and spiritual are essentially the same thing. I have some issues that I haven't been dealing with quite well lately.)

After agreeing on the liver as the source of my condition, they returned to my feet.

The rest for me is kind of hazy.

I could have been on that table for 15 minutes or for an hour, I'm not sure. But what I am sure of is that the perceived electrical impulses increased throughout my body. My body began to shiver in places. Then my body shivered in most places. At the peak of the shivering I thought about asking them to stop, but I was curious and wanted to see it through. I remember turning my head to the side and curling my lip and then I started to cry. I wept uncontrollably like a child for what seemed to me to be a long time.

And then all of a sudden the tears stopped. The tremors of my body ceased. My hips relaxed and my legs rolled inwards. I was filled with a huge sense of relief and well being. A huge smile grew on my face and I laughed out loud and said "WHOA that was AWESOME!" The two women laughed as well.

The last sensation that I recall is that my hands were BUZZING. They weren't making any sound, but they were buzzing, almost like they were getting ready to shoot beams of light!

I laid on the table for a little while longer and laughed some more and asked them many questions. The most remarkable answer they gave me was that they could feel what I felt and that it gave them a wonderful feeling to feel me release some of what was inside of me.

They said it was a process like anything else. And that their patients come to them for treatment once a week over a period of time until whatever ails them dissipates. And so I was and am still fascinated. Fascinated and thankful.

That night I slept so very well. I slept the sleep of the dead. And my dreams were vivid and I could remember them. And the next day my body felt fresh and alive. And I had the feeling of a crumpled towel being snapped flat before it is folded, the feeling of a ball of dough being rolled out flat by a rolling pin.

But as I sit here I know the towel is crumpling again and the dough is balling up if only slightly. And so I must find another such student or become one myself.