Is Your Poop Getting You Down? Chinese Herbs can help.

Are you constipated and the usual over-the-counter remedies aren't working for you? Would you like to try something that is totally natural and time-tested? Chinese Herbs can help.

Chinese Herbalism is thousands of years old and is the most popular Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy in China.

In Chinese Medicine terms, constipation is caused by an excess of Heat and/or a deficiency of Yin in the Stomach and/or Intestines. Rather than relying upon a single ingredient, Chinese Medicine utilizes balanced herbal formulas consisting of several ingredients.

The Chinese Herb formula Ma Zi Ren Wan (Apricot seed and Linum) lubricates the intestines and opens the bowels providing a mild purge. Here's a review of Ma Zi Ren Wan from

"I just had major abdominal surgery and my "plumbing" didn't work right. This product was recommended by a friend and I tried it - after trying everything OTC Western medicine had to offer and getting nowhere. Ma Zi Ren worked right away and kept working till my body was functioning normally again."

Another Chinese herb formula called Tong Chang Pian (Constipass™) is also used for constipation issues. Here's a review of Tong Change Pian from

"I had a 3 or 4 month bout of intestinal illness after eating a raw or undercooked meal, and a side effect of the illness was bad constipation. This product saved me from misery during that time period. I'm totally back to normal health. I can't recommend these pills highly enough!"

In Chinese Medicine chronic constipation points to an underlying imbalance that can be properly treated using other Chinese Herbs with the help of a Chinese Herbalist.