How Chinese Medicine is helping to treat Coronavirus in China

Here's a fascinating article on that answers the question Is TCM helping to treat Coronavirus in China?

From a Chinese Herbalism perspective one can increase their resistance to viral attack by strengthening the Defensive Qi (or Wei Qi) surrounding the body by using the formula Yu Ping Feng tang (JadeDefender).

Upon contracting Conronavirus, individuals will initially feel cold and flu-like symptoms which are known as External Wind Heat in Chinese Medicine. The classic formula for early-stage External Wind Heat is Yin Qiao San (Cold Signoff). If taken early enough and in large enough quantities this formula can stop colds and flus from proceeding to the next stage.

If the cold and flu-like symptoms progress into the body beyond the initial Wind Heat stage the situation typically transforms into what is called Internal Lung Heat. A great formula for Internal Lung Heat is Zhong Gan Qing tang (Coldclear).

Chinese Herbalism also has great formulas for coughing, excess phlegm, runny noses, and increasing energy after recovering from a cold or flu attack. These formulas can be found on