got Phlegm? Chinese Herbs can help.

According to Medical News Today excess phlegm "may be caused by:

  • infections, such as the common cold or flu
  • allergies
  • irritation of the nose, throat, or lungs
  • digestive conditions, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • smoking tobacco products
  • lung diseases, such as pneumonia, lung cancer, cystic fibrosis, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease"

Chinese Medicine is a balanced system of healing that was fully developed thousands of years ago. Chinese Medicine has been successfully dealing with phlegm issues for millennia with no side effects.

In Chinese Medicine terms phlegm is called Congealed Wetness and excess Congealed Wetness is typically caused by Excess Lung Heat. The Chinese Herb formula Qing Qi Hua Tan Tang effectively resolves excess Congealed Wetness caused by Excess Lung Heat.

Here are a few reviews of the Chinese Herb formula Clean Air - Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan from

"I wouldn't be without these in my medicine cabinet. They help clear any bronchial congestion regardless of cause, be it infection or allergy. They've saved me and members of my family from prolonged discomfort, pain and wheezing many times."

"Helped clear some stubborn deep dry mucus."

"Product is amazing and works in no time. Definitely would highly recommend."

"Wonderful! These things stop a cough in it’s tracks! I’m continually surprised. And they work better than antibiotics for my hubby bc every time he takes antibiotics he gets what seems like tendon problems or severe gout in his feet. But these things stop the cough and make him feel better soooo much faster. They work FAST for me and my daughter too."

"I had never used TCM before but I had a cough that I couldn't get rid of for about a month. A friend recommended this and after taking for a couple days my cough had subsided."

"Fantastic product! These great little pills are such life savers! I have asthma and seasonal allergies. These tea pills minimize how often I have to use my nebulizer and they work in minutes!"

"This has saved my ass from bronchitis and pneumonia when antibiotics weren't touching it. Thank GOD for Chinese Medicine."

"This product has been very helpful in fighting allergies and a sinus much better than taking antibiotics that never seem to work on sinus infections and no side effects. My acupuncturist recommended this product and it works. will always have a bottle of this on hand as many of us in AZ suffer from allergies all year round and sinus infections."

"Love, love this stuff!! Always have in my medicine cabinet, when something starts to happen. It's a life saver, plus I've had helped my coworkers in need as well."

"Clear/Lungs of Cough. I had a dry cough for over two months, it got better with time. I took this little pills just once, my cough is gone. Will take it for one week as recommended. Great Stuff"

"These work wonderfully for allergies. My son uses these for his allergies, they are wonderful!"

"I had a hideous hacking cough for way too long and my acupuncturist gave me these and it cleared up in a day but she wanted me to continued taking them for a week. Cough is long gone....I bought more for the winter months so next time I don't have to wait so long. Excellent"

Here are a few reviews of another formula called "Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan (Pinellia Root Teapills)" on

"This works fantastic when I am congested and I feel like it helps me get over colds faster!"

"Great for alergies, I use in the spring for a month and protects me from alergies the rest of the year"

"Excellent for thick mucousy conditions or clearing stuffy ears and sinuses."

"Absolutely necessary for my well being this winter. These pills relieve my sinus congestion and Eustachian tube pain. Recommended by my acupuncturist."

"I love this stuff, it's one of the only things that helps clear the junk out of my lungs after having any respiratory issue."

"I discovered that this works great for my asthma! I really didn't want to go back to those days of three inhalers, costing around $300/month (total) after insurance. Also, I worried about using those chemicals which don't treat the condition, just the symptoms. My asthma is triggered by allergies to dust, feathers and cats...and I, unfortunately, have all three. However, now, I might cough once a day and I can sleep through the night. My chest doesn't feel tight anymore."

And here are several reviews of Qing Qi Hua Tan Pian (FlemClear™) from

"Flemclear clears my phlegm and lung problem that had lasted for years. very satisfied."

"It works and it works fast! I had thick, yellow mucus and difficulty breathing at night. (I believe I am "retracing"--look up Dr. Lawrence Wilson--from a childhood of recurring bronchitis and I am now recovering my health in my 50s.) After trying several natural remedies from Amazon which didn't work, I decided to try ActiveHerb for the first time. I wasn't overly hopeful, but I ordered Breathsmooth, LungVive and FlemClear. It helped the very first night and I have gotten better and better! After a couple of weeks, my mucus is now white/clear and comes up much easier, and my breathing is almost back to normal. I like the small size of the pills, which are easy to swallow and perhaps help them take effect faster. THANK YOU, ActiveHerb, for your amazing products, high quality and free shipping! You change people's lives!"

"Hello, this formula is very effective in clearing Phlegm in your body. I have been using this in combination with BiYan formula to get rid of stubborn sinusitis problem with one of my patients. Shows effectiveness immediately and is helpful to clear phlegm in the long run in more chronic cases. I recommend this product."

"Expels Flem. I bought this product for my father. Instantly he felt the difference. This product does what it is made to do."

"Avoids bronchitis for me! When my allergies start to collect mucus in my lungs, I tend to get bronchitis (I have asthma). Since taking this herb as needed. I have not had bronchitis!"

"My husband has been taking this for 10 years now. He has severe allergy sinus drainage causing terrible coughing, and no amount of prescription or OTC meds, allergy shots, or accupuncture has worked as well as this product. It immediately stops his coughing. The accupuncturist he was seeing had recommended this for him and we are forever thankful that she did."

"Very effective. I have a chronic issue of mucous in my lungs due to allergic asthma and take steroids year round. I found this product effective in reducing the quantity, thickness and darkness of color of the mucous. I am on my second bottle and hope to see more results as time goes on. I still need to take steroids but definitely not struggling as much."

"My husband has severe chronic sinus drip which causes terrible coughing. Allergy shots and most OTC meds did not help. This product when taking first thing in the morning when he starts to cough will stop it and dry up the drip and flem."

"This has really helped reduce coughing. I use it to reduce mucus from allergies, but I originally ordered it for my husband to clear up a lingering cough from cold. Worked well for both of us."

"Finally I have found something that helps me with my problem. I used to have a lot of mucus in my air ways. This product has changed my life - no more stuffed nose! Thank you ActiveHerb."

Other breathing, digestive, and wintertime ailments and imbalances can also be properly treated using other Chinese Herbs with the help of a Chinese Herbalist.