Fragrant Qigong Level 1 and 2 Videos (Xiang Gong) (Fragante Qigong Nivel 1 y 2)

Qigong is a self-healing and longevity practice that relieves stress and is practiced by millions of Chinese daily. In terms of Chinese Medicine, Qigong is superior to acupuncture for those who are able and willing to practice it.

Medical research supports the use of Qigong in treating symptoms of cancer, PTSD, stress, depression, diabetes, drug addiction, fibromyalgia, mild traumatic brain injury, Parkinson's disease, dementia, arthritis, and other common conditions that afflict the elderly. Some of this evidence can be found here.

I practice Fragrant Qigong daily, I recommend it to my clients, and it is a core part of the qigong classes I teach.

Because of this I offer several Fragrant Qigong videos here. (Los videos también están disponibles en Español.) Here's a sample to satisfy your curiosity.

Fragrant Qigong Level 1 consists of primarily gentle arm movements. Fragrant Qigong Level 2 adds gentle hip movement combined with arm movements. Level 1 is said to be for health and Level 2 for longevity. It is recommended that Level 2 not be practiced until Level 1 has been practiced for at least three months. (Level 2 should be practiced right after practicing Level 1.)

Fragrant Qigong is one of the most popular forms of qigong in China. It is so popular because it is so easy to do and because it is so effective. Fragrant Qigong targets the body's entire energy system by balancing it, opening it up, and filling it in. Fragrant Qigong also provides the practitioner with a strong sense of grounding. Fragrant Qigong can be practiced several times a day to speed up the healing process or just once a day to maintain health and wellness.

Fragrant Qigong does not require any special breathing or mind techniques and can be done while watching the TV or talking. Level 1 can be practiced standing, seated, or lying down and is practical for people of any age and almost any physical condition.

Here are some Fragrant Qigong healing testimonials (source: Chinese Fragrant Qigong, 1996):

"1. Shanxi Province Railroad Hospital, MD Hu Wei-ying wrote: I am a retired physician-in-charge. I had osteoarthritis, spine and shoulder, knees joints hyperosteogeny for years and no medicine had helped and my sickness was getting worse and worse. I suffered so much. At first someone suggested me learn Fragrant Qigong, I didn't believe it and didn't go to the class. But after my friend persuaded me repeatedly, I thought maybe I'd give it a try. I went to the class. On June 22nd, 1990, when I was watching the tape in the evening, suddenly my hands felt numb, swollen, and sore, and I smelled a fragrant smell from time to time! After I went home, at midnight I suddenly saw a milky light before my eyes, and then my left leg felt a sharp pain. It lasted a few minutes. I realized it was the power from the Fragrant Qigong. I got up and tried to walk. My leg felt good and had no more problem. I was overwhelmed and ever since then, I have been actively and persistently exercising qigong and I am healthy and happy.

2. From Zhu Zhuang Village, Pei county, Jiangsu province, Zhu Xingshun, April, 1991: I got rheumatoid arthritis ten years ago. During the past eight years, I spent a lot of money to treat it but it got worse and worse. My back and legs became deformed. In May, 1989, I went to Xu Zhou City Hospital and the doctor said I needed an operation. My shin bones were replaced with metal. After two months and spending 3,740 yuan, my waist and hipbone were so painful that I had to use crutches. November 1990, I started learning Fragrant Qigong. Surprisingly, after a few days, my pain was much reduced. After two months, my hipbone was no longer painful, and I didn't need the crutches. After four months, I was able to ride bicycle! Now my back has become straight again and I am healthy and happy! Thanks Master Tian!

3. From Wei Hai Vocational School, math teacher Wang Yuan-fen: I had severe vegetative nerve functional disturbances. I was not able to work, cook, nor even able to stand hearing any noise or people talking to me. I felt as if I had two big fires blowing heat under my two knees, the terrible burn almost made me paralyzed. And there was a half square foot area around my stomach that made me feel so "empty" that I couldn't take it anymore. Whenever I said something or did something, I would feel the terrible burning. I could only lie on my back, and even the quilt seemed very heavy. Even my period came three or four times a month. Hospitals failed to help me. I almost lost my memory. And I wanted to kill myself. So I tried qigong. After I exercised Fragrant Qigong for two months, the above symptoms all disappeared, and even my nearsightedness, waist 13 pain, loose teeth all healed! And I felt strong energy on my palms. So I was excited and began treating my friends. The result was, my friends got well, but I threw up and began to have fever and pain. After I listened to Master Tian's lecture, I realized I was not qualified to treat sick people yet because I was not trained.

4. From Ji Long Hospital and Chang Geng Hospital In Tai Wan: These two hospitals have been using Fragrant Qigong to treat and teach their diabetic patients and the results are good. Dr. Huan Bi-Yu also had diabetes, but she healed herself by exercising Fragrant Qigong. She said they treat the patients with diet, medicine and qigong. One worker at the hospital, Chen Bi-Xia, also has cured her own diabetes by exercising Fragrant Qigong for a year. Now she is guiding the patients to exercise in the hospital."

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