Do you have Sciatica? Chinese Herbs can help.

According to Harvard Medical School "Sciatica is one of the most common, yet misunderstood, types of pain. As many as 40% of people will get it during their life, and it becomes more frequent as you age."

"People who suffer from acute or chronic back pain tend to be more susceptible to sciatica," says Dr. Jeffrey N. Katz, professor of medicine and orthopedic surgery at Harvard Medical School. "Your risk also rises if you're obese, if you smoke, or if you're sedentary."

Chinese Medicine is an ancient, natural system of healing that aims to gently bring the body into balance. In Chinese Medicine terms sciatica is part of a pattern called Bi Syndrome.

Chinese Herbs are the most popular form of Chinese Medicine in China and the herbal formula Zuo Gu Shen Jing Tong Wan specifically targets the Bi Syndrome pattern for sciatica.

Here are some reviews of Zuo Gu Shen Jing Tong Pian (Wan) (Sciaticlear™) from

"Love Sciaticlear! I was told by doctors and chiropractors alike that there is nothing to be done about nerve pain except surgery. After a year of expensive chiropractic care, I was still crippled with pain. My pain was unbearable, I felt as if someone had taken a hot poker and stabbed me in my lower abdomen and upper thigh. I'd had enough of chiropractic care, so I quit and went to an Acupuncturist. He gave me TCM pills to go along with acupuncture. But he charged a pretty penny for them. So I searched online and found them here for less than half the price he'd charged me for them. They work! I love Sciaticlear, it helped change my life. I now walk, dance, exercise, and swim again. Things I was told I'd never do again. These really do work on nerve pain!"

"I've been suffering with Sciatica for over a year - tried all sorts of anti-inflammatories from proteolytic enzymes to herbal formulas with turmeric to nsaids. I don't know why but nothing is as effective as these Chinese herbs."

"Fast and effective with no side effects. Sciaticlear really works on the sciatic nerve. I have 45 year old serious injury to my right leg sciatic nerve. Luckily no significant pain for decades until I had serious slip and fall down my stairs Feb 2016, re-traumatizing the right leg. Wow. The pain was mind-snapping, almost unendurable since then. Other herbs & OTC NSAIDs didn't touch it. ActiveHerb Sep newsletter offered Sciaticlear. I bought it and the Yan Hu Suo Rhizome granules of the active ingredient in Sciatclear and PRESTO...Honestly, I felt relief within 1/2 hour and could finally sleep through the night. It's one month I've been taking these two ActiveHerb products and products still working, just taking suggested dosages. I am so relieved to be sleeping normally & to be free of that hideous pain. It's like a miracle!"

"Feeling better already. I found something for my sciatic pain that really seems to be helping me. I am able to walk more and longer than I have in a long time. I have only been using the product for a month and I do feel better already. I would recommend this product."

"Real Results! I have had back and leg pain due to sciatica for the last 2 years. I have had chiropractor appointments which have made the pain tolerable. This product has worked excellently, it took a while to fully work although I no longer have pain in my back and my legs. This is without having to see a chiropractor for routine adjustments. I have even felt less discomfort with my arthritic shoulder. Great product."

"I was given one bottle of Sciaticlear by an acupuncturist when I visited washington and had a sciatica episode. It really helped. I am on and off it and use the product when it hurts."

"Great for sciatic type pain. I ordered it for my partner who had been suffering from sciatic like pain for over a year. It turns out he has a pars defect/fracture in his lumbar spine. Since starting the Sciaticlear, he reports a significant decrease in pain. Even after a 12 hour shift in the ER, he doesn't come home in tears. He'll still require surgery but it is not a pressing issue anymore."

"Sciaticlear Life Saver! A chiropractor in china town gave me a bottle for the first time cause I have lower back pain herniaded my disc 7 yrs ago and ever since suffer back problems and this product really help me! my back does not bother me like before. Now I'm able to workout 4 times a week with no problem so yes, I love this magic pain free pills, so I ordered 5 bottles."

"Improvement! I have seen a difference in my ability to walk farther, sit longer without pain in my hip and lower back. It has been such an improvement. Rather than pain after 1/2 mile of walking, I can walk 2 miles with no pain. I have shared this with friends who have similar results."

"I have had sciatica and leg numbness for years, recently much worse through heavy work and some life issues. I researched Sciaticlear and ordered. It only arrived today. Since I am particularly sensitive to all medicines I cautiously took only two little tea pills. Within hours I felt some improvement and I could hardly believe it. This pain has been pulling me down for some time now and I have been pessimistic about ever having relief. I have just taken two more pills, still cautious, but feeling amazingly hopeful! Thank you Activeherb for this medicine and the quick service. I will be telling everyone I assure you."

"Relief! This keeps me going. Diminished pain is always a good thing. I used to have difficulty walking a mile, now I breeze through two miles on my walk. Thanks from a 67 year old with a history of arthritis and low back pain."

"I have been amazed by this product! I have had sciatica off and on for a few years and this product has helped more then anything I have ever used."

Other back and pain issues can also be properly treated using other Chinese Herbs with the help of a Chinese Herbalist.