Do you have Hair Issues? Chinese Herbs can help.

Do you have thinning or graying hair and wish you could regain the luscious locks of your youth? Look no further than Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Medicine was a fully developed all-natural, balanced system of healing thousands of years ago. In Chinese Medicine thinning or graying hair is caused by something called Kidney Jing Depletion. Chinese Herbal formulas containing the herb HeShouWu can be used to restore Kidney Jing and darken and thicken those tired-looking tresses.

Here are some reviews of the formula Shou Wu Pian (FotiHair ™) from

""Fantastic! My hair started graying when I was in my early twenties. Overtime white hair took over to the point of being almost unable to find brown hairs, which is my natural color. I started taking FotiHair about 2 years ago. In about 2 months I started seeing lots of brown hair and new hair growing on my hairline. The amount of brown hair I got thanks to SHOU WU PIAN is significant and easily visible. Needles to say, I will continue using it."

"Restored my hair color! I have been using FotiHair for about a year and a half. It slowed down my hair loss. The baby hairs at my temples are growing back in and they are coming in with my natural hair color of light brown instead of gray. My hairdresser says eventually I won't have to color my hair any more."

"This was recommended to me by my acupuncturist many years ago for air loss due to menopause..I discovered if I stop using it for a period of time my hair begins to fall out again..I can't live without it."

"I ordered this a month ago and since I've started taking it, my hair looks shinier, is stronger, and feels better. My nails also have grown faster too."

"My hairdresser believes it is working! My hair is thicker."

"Another great product from the 5000 year old Traditional Chinese Medicine! White hair runs in my mom's family. I started having white hair when I was in my twenties. Over time my hair turned 80% white. Two years ago, I started taking Shou Wu Pian and after two or three months my hair started darkening. Looking at my hairline I would say I now have 40 or 50% more hair in my brown natural color. The benefits of Shou Wu Pian go well beyond hair health. It is a rejuvenating product, just like all herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine."

"Have started taking your HE SHOU WU product in 10 pills/day quantity on August 15,2005 to today's date (98 days or 14 weeks)... & ... just want to relay this message to say something must be working as to my surprise have noticed some hair sprouting in area never before seen!"

"I have been taking these for my hair along with HAIR VIVE. I have seen my hair grow, a lot of baby hair. I have frontal fibrosing ALOPECIA I have decided to go the herbal route. It has work for me been on this for about a year now. I also seen my hair color change a bit. I would recommend these products!:)"

"I have been taking the Shou Wu Wan for several months, and it is definitely been helping grow more hair on my head."

"Great results! Makes my hair healthy."

"This stuff is The best! Seriously. I bought it a month ago, and my hair is shiny, healthy, and happy ever since."

And here are a few reviews of the herbal formula HairVive™ from

"I am 70 years old. My hairline has been retreating over the years. I was skeptical of products that claim to grow hair. As I know and trust the people at ActiveHerb, I started to take HairVive. Now after 3 months my hair is growing back on my top. I am very happy about it and proud of ActiveHerb."

"Amazing! I started taking this for my hair which after 3 weeks stopped falling out. I dont know if this is what made it stop BUT my years of back aches which my Acu doc told me are due to yin deficiency are also almost gone after 3 weeks. This formula is amazing!"

"Best product for hair growth! I have been using this product for about 6 yrs. With grey hair, it makes it look fuller and helps keep better color."

"Really helps! I've been using this supplement for about a year. My hair isn't falling and it has gotten a bit thicker. No, I still don't have the hair I did when I was 20 but it is much better than a year ago."

"Really works! I have been using this product for months and I definitely have more hair on my head! Both the women who cut my hair and color it commented that my hair is definitely thicker. Other friends have commented that my hair looks thicker. I can see and feel that it is thicker. It seems that less comes out on my hairbrush also. Great product!"

"It works! Been using for two years now and love it. Age, thyroid and diabetes was causing my thick wavy/curly hair had my hair thinning out and limp. My hair has been back to normal the past 18 to 20 months. My hair dresser has commented MANY times how great my hair is again. Plus new hair continues to grow!"

"I appreciates your wonderful product-HairVive. After taking HairVive, my hair is growing back and gets thicker and black. I have since recommended my friends to order your product."

"HairVive works beautifully for me. My hair is shining again!"

Other aging-related imbalances can also be properly treated using other Chinese Herbs with the help of a Chinese Herbalist.