Do you have ANXIETY? Chinese Herbs can help.

"Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year," according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

An NBC News report states that over 8% of Americans take anti-anxiety drugs such as Xanax and Valium. Unfortunately these drugs have a lot of side effects, some of which are quite dangerous (Xanax side effects, Valium side effects).

Chinese Medicine was a fully developed system of healing over 2000 years ago and it has stood the test of time. In Chinese Medicine terms anxiety is caused by Deficient Heart Qi, Blood, or Yin which leads to something called Shen Disturbance.

An 1800 year old herbal formula called Gan Mai Da Zao Tang has been used for centuries to effectively treat Shen Disturbance. This formula has no side effects and is made from natural ingredients such as licorice root, tumeric, and jujubes.

Here are some reviews of Calm Spirit Teapills (Gan Mai Da Zao Wan) from

"Lifesaver for Anxiety! I have tried everything for my anxiety with no results. This includes the pharmaceuticals Xanax, Valium and Klonopin. These made me so drowsy I couldn't function, and did nothing to reduce my anxiety. I have spent years trying to find something that would help & now I have. Calm Spirit is truly amazing. Instead of feeling drowsy, I actually have more energy, but it is a relaxed and calm energy. I feel more focused so I am able to accomplish more and it completely stops my anxiety."

"These are really good. They calm your nerves and help you have a peaceful sleep. If you take this before you go to bed, you'll wake up feeling calm and steady. It also helps you stay calm during the day. If you suffer from social anxiety, I would give these a try."

"Wonderful: Calm Spririt is a gentle way to take the edge off daily life. I use it in very small doses to calm my nerves and relieve chronic anxiety. This product has allowed me to move on from other types of medication and is quite pleasant with no side effects."

"It's what my wife's Dr of Oriental Medicine prescribed to chill out after quitting smoking. Long since quitting she's still liking Gan Mai Da Zao Wan's versatility. Even I have a couple or three now and then when a natural chill-pill is what's on the menu."

Here are some reviews of Gan Mai Da Zao Wan (MooDelight™) from

"Great little Happy Pills! Have seriously tried to avoid chemical meds and my son and I call these our Happy Pills. They have no side effects except we find ourselves whistling while doing the dishes! They are a refreshing change of pace to other necessary meds."

"Excellent!!! I purchased this for my 7 yr old son who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I was hoping it would be just a little less calming than plum flower'a Dragonbone and Oystershell. I've heard very positive things about Acorus being used with Austiv individuals. I am NOT disappointed. All of his "ADHD" symptoms seem..."quelled". He's a bit more calmer and ...easier. I'm really pleased with this formula! As usual, there are days when more is needed, and certainly, I need to keep up with his schedule, diet, and sensory stuff - but overall? This formula makes a significant difference! I would comfortably say that if your child experiences some anger/oppositional defiant behavior as well, than this may not be the root you're looking for, but for those with traditional ADHD...this is fantastic."

"Can pull you into the light: I take MooDelight with other herbs such as SpiritCalm. As part of my regime for 4 months now it has brought back balance. The stressors and situations in my life are still there but the herbs have significantly helped me deal with it all. There is less depression and more harmony in my days. Highly recommended."

"Smooth Sailing... Love this stuff! Keeps me on an even keel even during rough weather without the fatigue or brain dead side effects. Great to take a few during the day and at night as well. Nice balance with this product."

"Whistle While You Work! This probably sounds silly, BUT, the first time I ever took "Moo Delight" I was doing the dishes and feeling kind of blue. But, when the pills took effect (I took 6) suddenly I realized I was whistling! What a delight. The best natural (or un-natural) product to come down the pike! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

"Great for depression! My acupuncturist give me my first bottle and I was amazed how subtly and quickly this helped my depression. No side effects or addiction as with pharmaceuticals. I will always have these in my medicine cabinet as depression runs in my family."

"Great results. For years I have struggled with uncontrollable crying. A young girl once told me I was way too teary. I really didn't want to go on medicine so I have always just put up with it. Now with MooDelight I don't have to be embarrassed any more, no more teary eyes for no reason."

Other mental health imbalances can also be properly treated using other Chinese Herbs with the help of a Chinese Herbalist.