Are you suffering from Endometriosis? Chinese Herbs can help.

According to the Endometriosis Foundation of America endometriosis "affects an estimated 200 million women worldwide, and many women often experience a decade-long delay in diagnosis. Currently, there is no known cause of endometriosis, and there is no cure." Perhaps Chinese Herbs can help?

A study outlined in the article "The Traditional Chinese Medicine prescription pattern of endometriosis patients in Taiwan: a population-based study" (Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine September 2012) found that the centuries-old Chinese Herb formula Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan (Cinnamon Twig and Poria) was "the most commonly prescribed Chinese herbal formula for the treatment of endometriosis-related symptomatic discomfort." (It's interesting to note that in the study "there were 21,056 TCM visits due to endometriosis and its related symptoms, of which more than 98% were treated with Chinese herbal products.")

In Chinese Medicine terms, endometriosis is caused by something called Blood Stasis in the lower abdomen. Herbal formulas that increase Blood circulation, such as Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan, can help eliminate Blood Stasis.

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"My Miracle Potion! I have been using these herbals for 2 months now....and they truly are helping reduce the size of my fibroids! They seem to be helping with my endometriosis complications as well! "

"Used this to unblock my fallopian tubes. They are unblocked, found out today this product really works order it now!"

"Excellent product. Cedars Sinai Hospital Chinese Accupuncturist has me take this for endometriosis issues and issues like painful bloating and constipation."

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"THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!!! I am 41 and have a Medical Background. I have researched herbal remedies to to help with my PCOS (cysts on ovaries ) and Endometriosis. I have had sharp chronic pain and inflammation in my lower abdomen for years...tried almost everything with NO relief.....TIL THIS!! OMG!! After taking it for a month... I have NO more pain...and I think (don't know for sure) my Cysts that NEVER went away have SHRUNK!! I don't need hormones or Metformin now.....and finally I can lose weight!! THANK YOU....THANK YOU....THANK YOU!!"

"This product is amazing! My menstrual cycle is no longer heavy and my fibroids have decreased. I have only been using this product for a month. These small pills are working wonders for me. Thank you!"

"This really works! The best on the market. Fibroids are diminishing."

"GyneAssure works wonderfully for my endometriosis. It is the only thing working for me."

"Really works. I have been using this for fibroid cysts and the results have been excellent. I find if I stop taking this, I feel more discomfort, but taking this keeps the discomfort at bay. "

"An Amazing product. I bought this product about a month ago, a friend told me about an Acupuncturist that she was seeing advised her to start taking this product called, Gui Zhi Fu Liang Pian for her fibroids issues. I was seeing an Acupuncturist myself. After going on line reading the reviews, and the benefits I wanted to try it. After about a month, my pelvic pains got much better, my periods are less painful. I was praying to GOD, asking HIM for a solution for my fibroids and pelvic problems, I suffered with for many years. HE answered me by sending me GUI ZHI FU LING PIAN. I can't wait to retake my ultrasound test in June, to see the firbriods results. I feel great, so based on that I'm sure they are shrinking. Thanks for designing this Amazing product. GOD bless this company. Keep it coming. "

Other women's health imbalances can also be properly treated using other Chinese Herbs with the help of a Chinese Herbalist.