The Coffee Break Qigong Video

Coffee Break Qigong is a 10 minute Qigong set that is great for stress-relief and grounding.  Coffee Break Qigong is great for getting you out of your head and back into your body, which is important, especially if you spend a lot of your time on the computer, on the phone, or in meetings.

Coffee Break Qigong is appropriate for anyone, but is especially practical for people who spend most of their days moving only their minds and who are so busy that they can't take more than a 15 minute break during the day.  Coffee Break Qigong is non-strenuous, requires little space, and is very easy to do - just follow along with the video on your laptop or mobile device.

The Coffee Break Qigong video can be purchased here.

Whenever I teach a Qigong class people absolutely love it, but they say there's no way they can commit to doing 20 minutes of Qigong a day, much less 30 minutes.  They tell me "I wish there was an effective Qigong set I could do in only 10 minutes, then I can grab another cup of coffee and get back to work."  Coffee Break Qigong is the Qigong set they've been looking for.

St. Norbert College Culture & Heritage Workshop: January 26, 2017, 6 - 8 pm: Qigong & Qi Therapy - Two of the best-kept secrets of Chinese Medicine

I'm teaching a St. Norbert College Culture & Heritage Workshop on Thursday January 26, 2017 from 6 - 8 pm and I invite you to join me.

Here's the description of my workshop (which will soon be available on this page

"Qigong & Qi Therapy - Two of the best-kept secrets of Chinese Medicine

Qigong & Qi Therapy are part of the larger healing discipline known as Energy Medicine and are two of the best-kept secrets of Chinese Medicine.  Qigong is a non-strenuous, stationary energy exercise that is easy to do and is great for grounding, stress-relief, and relaxation.  Qigong is practiced by millions of people every day.  Qi Therapy is the most gentle hands-on stress-relieving body therapy there is.  Qi Therapy is as effective as, but more gentle than, acupuncture & chiropractic.

This interactive workshop will include a presentation and discussion about Qigong & Qi Therapy including energy theory, supporting medical research, and spiritual aspects, followed by a group Qigong exercise, and finally a Qi Therapy demonstration with volunteers.  (Note: Qigong is non-strenuous and no special clothing is required.  Recipients of Qi Therapy are fully clothed.)"